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Author Spotlight: Erin Albert

Erin Albert is an author and fitness trainer. Since she picked up Morris the Moose Goes to School at age four, she has been infatuated with the written word. She went on to work as a grammar and writing tutor in college and is still teased by her family and friends for being a member of the "Grammar Police." In her free time, Erin enjoys acting, running, kickboxing, and, of course, reading and writing.

Today, I have the honour of having the amazing Erin Albert on To Another World for an Author Spotlight!

Thank you so much for hosting me, Charli!  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with you and your readers!

Firstly, your book, The Prophecy, looks amazing! When does it come out (are there different dates for US and UK?) 

The Prophecy releases in November.  I don’t have the exact date yet, but it should be available in both the US and UK within days of one another.

You say you're part of the "Grammar Police" (I am too, I have to say!). When you write, do you have a process for proof-reads? 

At first, I just write and get all the words down on the page.  I have this insane drive to finish a story.  After it’s written, I go back and spend an inordinate amount of time proofreading, stressing over sentence structures, and rewording.  It’s a fairly tedious process—LOL!  

You were nominated for the "Most Social Author" in the Bloggy Awards this year. What was your reaction to the nomination?

I was completely floored.  Honestly, I had no idea I would even be a contender.  My friend Jack (@jacks_reads) Tweeted me to say I’d been nominated.  My first response was, “Me?  Are you sure?”  When I went to the site and saw my competition, I felt so honored to even see my name beside theirs. 

Do you have a certain process or rituals when you write? 

I prefer to work in my bed.  I have this big red pillow thing (I’ve always called it a “husband pillow,” but I don’t really know what it’s called).  I lean against the pillow with my laptop in my lap and get to work.  I also enjoy having a little container of chocolate and a Diet Pepsi with Lime beside me too!  Haha!

 Quite a few of my bloggy friends have shown interest in The Prophecy. Some have said they would like a teaser line, and I can't say I wouldn't! Is it possible that you could enlighten them? 

Wow, I’m so flattered by the interest!  Here is one:

“I see you’re going to be trouble.” He brushed the dirt off his robes.  “You can’t escape your destiny, girl.”

 Now for some fun questions...

Let's go for a typical question: you can take 3 things onto a desert island. What would they be? (And I know you author types! No saying anything that would help you off the island!)

Awwww…man, you must have read my interview with Jackson Baer where I brought a satellite phone.  LOL! 

So, I’m really stuck on this island?  I’m an indoor girl, Charli!  LOL!  I’d bring my luv, a lifetime supply of chocolate, and as many books as I could carry.  I’m not super practical, huh?  Like I said…indoor girl. 

Favourite chocolate bar?  Reese’s
Favourite book? (You can have two!) It’s technically a play, but Romeo and Juliet.  I have a “thing” for Shakespeare. 
Favourite food?  Nachos
Favourite colour?  Blue, like my eyes

And lastly, some quick fire "This or That" questions!

Pen and paper or typing?  Typing

Twitter of Facebook?  Twitter

Ebook or Physical copy?  Either, I just want to read.  ;)

Juice or water?  Water
Writing or reading? Hmmmm…wow, tough call….reading.


 Thanks so much for Erin for doing this interview with me, and to Fraser at Feed My Reads for helping us to organise it! 



  1. Thank you so much for hosting me, Charli! My best friend, Dawn, proofreads all my interview posts (even a Grammar Police member needs a second pair of eyes sometimes), and she said you had such FUN interview questions! I agree! :)

    1. Thank you for letting me interview you! Hehe, I have my best friend Bethan proof-read my stories and occasionally blog posts too, because my eyes skim over it all as perfect...

      Thank you! It was fun to come up with and see your answers! :)


  2. Erin's book is awesome--can't wait for the release! (And how did "husband pillow" get it's name, lol?)

    1. Why, thank you, dearest!

      Ok, so I went to an all girls school for college (OMG--my professors would have a coronary. It's a "women's college." Anyhoo, bottom line, there were no boys). We all had those pillows that are puffy in the back with the little arms on the side, and we called them "husband pillows." It's like leaning against someone and having his arms around you...maybe that's where the term started? I Googled "husband pillow," and a picture came up, so it's a "thing." LOL!

    2. Hah! I love it! I have one of those pillows too--I do believe I have a name for it now :)

    3. Great interview! (My wife, BTW, went to Smith, and she has a shirt that says: "It's not a girls school without men, it's a women's college without boys.")

    4. That shirt sounds like something my school would have too! ;) In this area, we have 3 women's colleges and 1 state uni with boys, all within a 3 miles radius of one another. LOL! ;) Rivalry much??

  3. Great interview!

    I'm also curious on the husband pillow. And love the teaser sentence!

    1. Thank you, my lovely!! Husband pillow answer above... ;)

  4. Awesome interview! I have a "man pillow" that I sleep with when the hubby's gone. It's really just a body pillow but it helps the bed feel less empty. Lol!

  5. couldn't agree me with your three things to the desert island…okay, maybe I'd have to waffle on the chocolate… push comes to shove, i might have to throw in my cats! two cats count as one thing, right? i get my guest posts edited too, cause I'm definitely not the grammar police, lol. great interview!

    1. YAY! ((fist bump))

      Waffle on the chocolate? WUT? LOL!

      I'd say two cats definitely count as one thing. Haha!! ;)

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment love! ((HUGS))


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