Saturday, October 12, 2013

50 Facts About Me TAG

This has been going round a bit, so I figured I'd do it... I was tagged by Amber, Sophie and Fionnuala! And it could take a while.

  1. My name is really Charlotte. Which you probably guessed. 
  3. I've been a Potterhead since I was 7, when I first read the books. 
  4. I have hypomobility. I refuse to explain it, look it up if you want. 
  5. My best friends and friends in general are complete lunatics
  6. As am I...
  7. I am a complete procrastinator
  8. I am currently working on my Silver Arts Award, I did my Bronze last year. 
  9. My Ribena is always way too strong. Fact. 
  10. For some unknown reason, I became organised over the summer. 
  11. I love photography and own an DSLR camera. 
  12. No-one knows what is wrong with me. 
  13. Mentally 16, physically 80, actually 13. 
  14. I have the same birthday as my mum. 
  15. I am always in chinos and a hoodie
  16. I'm a Scout
  17. My favourite book in the world is Divergent
  18. I also love Breathe, HP, Geek Girl, Starcrossed, The Wolves of Mercy Falls, Gone, anything by Cathy Cassidy, Sophie McKenzie, Meg Cabot or Cathy Hopkins, and THG. 
  19. I love pizza
  20. I'm a bookwhore, i.e I pick up a new book boyfriend every book I read. Favourites are Peeta, Four, Draco, Jam, Ethan....
  21. I love The Script
  22. I love Coldplay
  23. I love Disclosure
  24. I have a love of old alternative music. 
  25. Twitter is my life
  26. I couldn't survive without a laptop
  27. I do indoor rowing
  29. I was going to call my kids Amber, Sophie and Jack but then I met Sophie, Jack and Amber in the book bloggy world... Soooo... Awkward
  30. I want to be a solicitor.... But I wouldn't say no to a multi-millionaire author, either. 
  31. I go to an all-girls school. (Why...)
  32. I'm running out of facts
  33. When this is published (it's scheduled) I'll be at camp, so yeah. 
  34. I know that most people won't still be reading this
  35. I'm Divergent... Amity, Dauntless and Erudite. 
  36. I give out bits of Charli Wisdom at school. It's needed A LOT. 
  37. My life is in my school library. I work in there and everything. 
  39. I... Hate book reviewing. And I do it for fun? I don't even know. OK, I used to hate it. A LOT. 
  40. I don't cry at books or movies, only in my head. Like, hypothetically crying. But I don't. 
  41. I'm running out of facts, but there's only 8 to go, so that's ok. 
  42. I am sitting in a really uncomfortable chair. Well, I was when I wrote this, right NOW I'm at camp. As said before. 
  43. I love The Literary Gift Company. Seriously, look them up, it's a site with mugs and t-shirts and pens and omg. 
  44. I also love Paperchase. It is amazing. 
  45. My favourite subjects are History, RE and English
  46. Microsoft OneNote is a lifesaver
  47. I'm really bored of writing facts but it's been fun
  48. OMG I LIVE ACROSS FROM A GRAVEYARD. It's random, right? 
  49. I like purple. And stars. I like hoodies. I want a purple hoodie with stars on it.
  50. This is my 50th random fact. Good morning/afternoon/evening/night. 

 SO THERE WE ARE! Yes, I am at camp. But yeah. I TAG EVERYONE! Do it. 



  1. Hey, I'm a scout too! Well, I'm only still a Girl Scout this year because my troop (of three teenagers) was donated a lot of money for volunteering at a recycling booth at a carnival and we wanted to use it. Well, there's one fact about me. :) I'll be doing this tag real soon. It's a really nice way to get to know bloggers more.

    1. Awesome! Scouting internationally :D Make sure to link me up to your post!

  2. Awesome post! Wow, it must be so weird going to an all girls school... And I haven't drank Ribena in quite a long time, but the next time I do I'm going to note how strong it is, haha! I applaud you for completing this post! I don't think I ever could...


    1. Thank you!! It's not really, I don't mind it cuz I'm not boy crazy! I go to Scouts and am one of only two girls out of 28 Scouts, so it kinda balances it out! I love Ribena, very very strong.

      You should do it!!

  3. Yay, you did it! I love reading so many facts about everyone :D YOU SHOULD STILL CALL YOUR KIDS AMBER, SOPHIE AND JACK OK.

    1. YAYYYY I DID IT. NO IT DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT NOW!! Lol thanks for commenting Amber <3

  4. Excuse me! Are you calling me a lunatic?? I knew most of these about you

    1. Hey, Tori!! *waves* YES I AM. And YAY

  5. So fun to learn more about you!! :)

  6. I am a Scout leader in the UK and I squealed a little bit to know that there is another scout blogger out there. X


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