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BLOG TOUR- Review: Juniper's Princess (AND GIVEAWAY)

Daniah is different, she always has been and now her dreams and visions of the future are increasing, she knows her life is changing. She just doesn't know by how much... Jaiden is different, but he knows why and he knows his responsibilities. He must find the saviour of his race, the angel human half-breeds who are fighting a war for humanity's souls. If he can't convince Daniah she is more than just a little different - she is the princess of their people - they are all going to die. Unfortunately Daniah doesn't have many reasons to trust Jadien, especially when he is caught in a web of his own lies. In a world where half-breed angels walk among us, fighting an evil for our souls, Daniah must find the strength to become the princess we all need. 

Author: Chelsea O'Neal
Pages: 224
Series: Angel Crest #1
Source: For review

I received a free copy of this book from Fiction Addiction Blog Tours, courtesy of the author, in exchange for an honest review on the blog tour. This does not affect my review, nor does the fact that the tour will be advertised. 

In all honesty, I didn't know if I'd like this; the cover and title don't sound like my usual book and I wasn't sure of the synopsis. But it intrigued me, so I decided to give it a go! And it was a good decision that I made.

The book starts with description and you can tell it's set in the future. It starts off normally, if anything slightly cliche, before the fantasy element comes into it. The cliche of it works, it doesn't make me frustrated like cliches normally do. The author explains the situations well through a mixture of description and action, a perfect balance of the two as opposed to one being more heavy than the other. The description helps and adds to the book, as opposed to smothers like some authors do.

It's a beautiful story, it's intriguing and I can't deny falling for Jadien.The relationship developments were flawless, growing over periods of time in the book.

Each point of view is distinguished from the others and has a distinct difference; which some books just don't have. However, at some points I thought there were too many point of view swaps and I wasn't entirely sure what was going on.

I don't know why I liked these particular quotes so much, but I did. I think they just appealed to me!

"As I study the photographs I notice that she doesn’t look

anything like anyone else in her family."
 "I look around and don’t see anything out of the ordinary. My vision is almost completely back to normal although I have a splitting headache and my eyes are still sore" 

This book does have some swearing and a few intimate scenes in it, so if you don't like those (I know some of my readers are quite young) you should, unfortunately, avoid this book.
Overall, this is a beautiful book, and I really enjoyed it. I recommend it to readers 14+, or those with extremely high maturity. 

Charli x


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  1. Thank you so much for having me! What a wonderful review, and I am so happy you enjoyed JP! Your blog looks wonderful, thanks again!

    1. Absolutely no problem, and thank you!

  2. Charli - what a great review :) So glad you enjoyed Juniper's Princess.

    Thank you for joining in the tour today.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your review. The book sounds quite interesting and I want to read it. I'll read it first and if it's appropriate, I'll read it with my children. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! It's very intriguing, I really hope you enjoy it. As I say, there are some intimate scenes but it's up to your judgement.

      Thanks again!


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