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Review: Resist

Resistance to the Pod Leadership has come apart. The Grove has been destroyed but so has the Pod Minister. Quinn, Bea and Alina separately must embark on a perilous journey across the planet's dead landscape in search of the rumoured resistance base Sequoia. Meanwhile the Pod Minister has been succeeded by his capricious daughter. Her brother, Ronan, is supposed to advise her, but his doubts about the regime lead to him being sent out of the Pod in search of Quinn. In a world in which the human race is adapting to survive with little air, the stakes are high.

Author: Sarah Crossan
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Date of Publication: October 10th
Series: Breathe #2
Pages: 300
Source: For review

I was sent an advance copy of this book from Bloomsbury in return for an honest review. This is no way affects my review. Thank you Bloomsbury!

Ok, firstly, I'm really sorry if this review just contains lots of fangirling. I've waited for just under a year for this book, and it makes me fangirl even more that I was lucky enough to be sent it for review. Also, I hope this review does it justice; I don't think it will at all!

After adoring Breathe, I was all set for this book. Truthfully, I don't think I would have minded if it had been horrendous, but the fact that it was immaculate and a perfect closure makes me insanely happy.

The first sentence goes straight into the action in Alina's point of view, which sparks interest and grips you straight away, and it doesn't differentiate from the rest of the book; it's intriguing for the whole book. One of the things that makes Resist so perfect is the fact that it has a perfect balance of description, action and dialogue (or DAD, as my primary teacher's called it!) so you don't feel suffocated by any bit of it. Also, the flow from the dialogue into the action is flawless.

Unlike some books were the same author writes all the point of views, Crossan gave each character a completely different writing style which helped the already exquisite character formation all the more better. Also, we get a new viewpoint! I won't say too much, but the new point of view is really cool! I think the only down-point of the whole book, and it didn't even really matter, was that in some places it felt like there were just a few too many point of view changes.

As I said before, this book is full of description and development. I love how Bea and Quinn's relationship is molded even further throughout the book. The ending is unbelievably perfect, and such a good ending to this duology.

During the first book, I didn't particularly care for Alina, but I grew to love her during Resist. She's strong (and she knows it!) but she's also thoughtful and feminine.

"But today, we fight together to protect the Pod 
and the people we love. And it seems like the right thing to do."

As you can imagine by all my uses of the word "perfect", this had a lot of quotes that I adored! Here a few particular ones, though:
"The chamber goes silent, and I freeze. 
I can't go out there and kill innocent people. 
I won't."

"...I'm in my studio smearing thick black and white 
swatches of paint across a board. It doesn't look like much-
just a choked monochromatic muddle."

So, naturally, as you can tell from my review, I absolutely loved this book. I can't give this book justice in a review, but I can tell you now that it's absolutely perfect. 
Charli x

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