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Blogger Spotlight: Arianne on Cover Trends in YA

Today I'm sharing with you an AWESOME guest post by the amazing Arianne. I'm really excited for this post and squealed when it landed in my inbox, so I hope you enjoy it too!

Arianne is a lovely freelance book blogger, and she's done various amazing guest posts around the blogosphere. Make sure to follow her on twitter here, too. Now, on to Arianne!

I’m a sucker for a good young adult book cover. When you pick up a book with a beautiful cover, that book is perfect – just for a moment, but perfect nonetheless. The words inside each book are what really matters, of course, but I can’t be the only one who savours those first few seconds of shining cover glory before the story starts. Here, I take a look at some of the cover trends that have characterised YA in recent years – and they’re only getting stronger in 2014.

Redheads Rock

It’s official: redheads are going to dominate 2014. Some say the real-life redhead gene is in decline, but YA says otherwise – so if you’re a redhead wondering where all your pretty covers have been in the past, rejoice! 2014 is going to be your year.

Did Somebody Get That Cover From My Instagram/Pinterest/Some Hipster Down the Street?

Contemporary young adult writers are looking to contemporary photography for their covers these days. In an era of filters and Photoshop, hipster and happiness, the popularity of this striking, cool style has absolutely skyrocketed – and I can’t say I haven’t loved a lot of it!

The Return of Illustrated Young Adult Book Covers

In stark contrast to the hipster/Pinterest trend, illustrated covers have recently been making a comeback.  Backed up by fantastic cover designs and strong, eye-catching colours, the new age of illustrated covers dispenses with the tired, old-fashioned illustration stereotype. Instead, these covers stand out from the crowd – fine additions to anyone’s shelf!

Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellow , Make This Dystopia Bright and Yellow!

Dystopian is a genre that needs no introduction – especially when you can recognise it by the colour of its font! This is an unmissable yet slightly odd trend that it seems to be working for publishers at the moment, creating a definitive look for the bestsellers of the dystopian realm.

And It’s Not Just Dystopians Going In For The Yellow Theme, Either

Continuing the idea of dressing the darkest books with traces of striking yellow, the more abstract patterns featured on All Our Pretty Songs and Dreams of Gods and Monsters could be the start of a brand new yellow trend.

It’s worth noting recent use of this attention-grabbing palette in title font, too, especially in books like How To Lead a Life Of Crime (still one of the most memorable covers I’ve ever seen!) where the title literally becomes the cover, telling us everything we nee dot know about the story in one fell swoop.

Hold On, Using The Title As the Main Attraction of the Cover Isn’t So Rare…

In fact, this has to be the most populous trend in YA in recent years – and I have to say, in the race for Trend of the Year, there’s just no contest. This is a trend that can turn its hand to almost any type of book, from contemporary to paranormal and back again. Typeface grids epitomise the directness of graphic design, and it’s perfect for YA: straightforward, sleek and stunning.  There are dozens of examples I could have picked here, but I’ve whittled it down to eight that show every side of the trend – and I’ve sneaked a few of my personal favourites in there, too!

So there are my top five cover trends of YA – but what about yours? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter, and share the cover love!

Thanks to Arianne for the awesome guest post!! <3 

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  1. That was an awesome guest post!:D Loved seeing all of the themes in YA book covers. I'm a little mixed on Red as I read it a while ago but I do love that cover:D Redheads ftw!


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