Friday, April 11, 2014

Discussion: Reading in Public

Charli: Recently, I was reading Trouble by Non Pratt, as was Tori (on two different weeks. SPOILER: we both loved it!) and although we think the cover is really pretty, we read it at home. We wouldn't take it on the bus. We wouldn't take it to school. Not because we're embarrased to read, but because of the cover.

I'm a little ashamed I thought and did this. I'm a very unashamed, public book nerd, but I didn't want to wave around this book. And it's a phenomenal book, but I'm 13 and I knew my form would be extremely immature about it, and could imagine the elderly ladies on my bus sneering at me.

So the topic of this discussion is if people read in public. Whether that be generally, or certain books.

I'm not ashamed to read in public. I read on the bus, at school, in the car, in restaurants, in the park, at the bus stop, ANYWHERE. A lot of people are ashamed to read when people are around, because they feel judged about it.

I think with me, it helps that I don't care what people think about me. Especially in public; many of them I will never see again. So I guess that makes up part of it.

But why be ashamed about reading? That's for generally. As I say, with a few covers, I prefer not to wave them about, but in a general term, I don't really care.

Tori: I honestly don't mind reading in public. I've read at the bus stop, on a bus, at a party and I was reading Divergent on my phone at Alton Towers (does that count?). There are some exceptions such as Trouble by Non Pratt,as Charli said before, the cover isn't something that most people would be sensible about therefore, I read it at home on a weekend.

Sometimes on my bus in the mornings, I see people who went to my primary school and they watch me reading and go in their phones. Sure they read a little but they think of it as 'nerdy' and 'geeky' to read, especially in public which doesn't really bother me because I just want to read and I don't care about who sees me. Usually, I sit next to an elderly woman who reads on her Kindle so I read my book next to her.

What do you think? Do you read in public? 

What things stop you from doing so? 

Let us know in the comments!


  1. I read in public. I feel it would be awkward if there's sex or otherwise questionable scenes, but nobody around me knows me, so if they judge, it's their problem, not mine. The biggest problem I have with reading in public is making sure I'm not too lost in my book that I don't notice the bus (which has happened).

    1. Yes, definitely! I've never not got off the bus by accident but I have a feeling it could happen some day... Thanks Nina!

  2. It's true, I really want to read Trouble but the cover is a bit too urgh for me to read it in public. Normally I would though whatever book it is. :) Great post, Charli and Tori

    1. Trouble is amazing! I actually think the cover is really pretty except for that, it's really effective even with all the sperm... Thanks Erika!

  3. I usually read on the tube but not on the bus...I'm not really sure why haha. I think its because on a bus you are more confined so I feel like people are invading my personal space, but on a train people are sort of in their own worlds so they don't disturb my world! I think I'm just weird!


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