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Charli Reviews: Love, Lies and Lemon Pies

Since her dad died, life hasn't been the same for Lottie - it was easier to push her friends away than cope with their awkwardness. But when the school suggest she joins Bake Club to get her back on track, Lottie reluctantly agrees. But Lottie's uncertainty about Bake Club melts away as she rekindles her love of baking and gets caught up with Mac, the school rebel and another unwilling Bake Club member. Both Lottie and Mac have secrets to keep, and as Bake Club progresses towards an end-of-year competition, the tension rises between the Bake Club members. Can Lottie keep up the facade of her perfect life without the others finding out what's really going on at home? Can Mac keep his demanding, heavy-handed father off his back - not to mention the school counsellor who's written him off as a no-hoper? And can their bubbling romance survive the pressure?

Author: Katy Cannon
Publisher: Stripes Books
Date of Publication: May 5th 2014
Pages: 336
Source: Review copy from the publisher
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I received a free copy of this book from Stripes Books in exchange for a honest review. This does not affect my review/opinions in any way. Thank you Stripes!

I read  Love Lies and Lemon Pies when I was in need of a fluffy, romantic contemporary, and it didn't disappoint! While having some heavier topics, it's absolutely gorgeous.

I loved the concept; a girl who used to bake, but isn't keen on going to the club, and a boy who just wants to stay away from home. It doesn't sound like much, but as soon as you begin to be pulled into their story, it becomes so much more than just a few cakes. Another thing I loved was the recipes at the start of each chapter! They normally corresponded in some way to the chapter itself, and just broke up the book really well.

Everything in this book is really subtly done. The development of the romance, the way the two meet. I think this is partially why this book is so good; it's subtle, but there isn't a mystery. Saying this, it was a tiny bit predictable, but I didn't care; in this book, I preferred it this way.

"The way the dough moved, the muscles in his forearms 
tightening and releasing... it was strangely hypnotic." 

As I mentioned before, each character has their own situations. The book is still so light and fun, but the situations are always present, for instance how Lottie was thinking about her dad when she was with Mac.

There were a few of the baking scenes I thought I would be bored in, as baking isn't something I find particularly interesting, but I wasn't at all! Cannon takes us through them with drops of romance and splashes of humour, and they became my favourite parts of the book.

I loved Love, Lies and Lemon Pies. The romance and concept are gorgeously written, and I devoured (see what I did there?) it.


  1. Excellent review Charli! I loved how the recipe seemed to reflect the chapter to come. And cant wait for the next one!


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