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Charli Reviews: The Fearless

The Fearless. An army, powered by an incredible new serum that makes each soldier stronger, sharper, faster than their enemies. Intended as a force for good, the serum has a terrible side-effect – anyone who takes it is stripped of all humanity, empathy, love. And as the Fearless sweep through the country, forcing the serum on anyone in their path, society becomes a living nightmare.

Cass remembers the night they passed through her village. Her father was Altered. Her mother died soon after. All Cass has left is her little brother – and when Jory is snatched by the Fearless and taken to their hellish lair, Cass must risk everything to get him back.

Author: Emma Pass
Publisher: Random House Children's UK
Date of Publication: April 2014
Pages: 400
Source: Review copy via NetGalley
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I received a free copy of this book from RHCP via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review. This does not affect my review/opinions in any way. Thank you RHCP and NetGalley!

Having wanted to read one of Pass' works for ages, I jumped at the chance of reading The Fearless. I dived straight into it; and it definitely didn't disappoint. 

The scrapbook pieces and emails to begin with were really interesting, and the prologue was already full of adrenaline. The first line of the book - " 'When I was ten, the world ended.' " - is sharp, shocking and starts the story off so well. 

Pass explains each characters' history and personality in such depth that I felt like I had known them all my life. The description throughout is also amazing; threaded with emotion and beautifully detailed. 

Because of their isolation to the world, there isn't much of our world there. Pass puts in a lot of little relateable references to our world, which I really liked. 

" '...I'd give anything... those burgers that had cheese and bacon on it.' " 

Throughout the book, there are both clumps of action and lulls in the story. However, through both, the story always flowed. My only tiny complaint about the whole book would be the action being clumped together and not spread throughout. 

Cass wasn't an unlikeable protagonist, and I really liked Myo and Sol too. The elements of romance were cute, too! 
I, ultimately, loved this book. The characters, world and plotline were all excellent and I only had one small complaint.

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